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  • "We decided to have a whole house water system installed due to the poor water quality in Orange County and specifically the Dana Point / San Clemente area. The company we chose for the job was Water Unlimited. Their price was a little less than his competition. But the main reason we went with him is because he had more knowledge and a clear vision of how to properly install the system. "

    Josh Pfohl, Owner, Prestige Deck Coating

  • "I wanted to give my employees fresh drinking water in order to keep them healthy and motivated at work. It was an easy choice to go with Water Ulimited, because they helped me understand the whole process of installing water softeners in my office and they were able to complete the job smoothly. "

    Derick Martin

  • "Making sure my children are consuming healthy drinking water that will help them grow big and strong is very important to me. I knew Trent at Water Unlimited understood this concern and he was such a pleasure to work with. I would recommend Water Unlimited to any of my friends."

    Cynthia Jaffy


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Water Unlimited

At Water Unlimited, we are not only experts in water quality, but also in plumbing and construction. We have California State licenses in general contracting and plumbing. We also hold multiple certifications in welding. We understand all angles of what it takes to understand and install clean, safe, fresh whole house water solutions.


Water softeners boost the water’s cleaning ability and reduce minerals that cause appliance breakdown. They are effective for removing some metals such as iron, manganese, and radium.


In need of water filtration in your restaurant or other business? Want to make sure you are using only the best water that will keep your appliances running smoothly and your staff healthy? We have the right products to achieve this.


We want to make sure you get the most benefits out of our products, which is why we take the time to make sure you understand how your water filtration system works, how easy it is to use and all the amazing and positive changes it will bring to your everyday life.


Unsure of whether you are in need of a water softener in your home? Looking to get your water tested? We're happy to pay you a visit so you can see what's exactly in your water, and how having a water softener in your home could benefit you long term.


Our systems ensure safe and great tasting water, prevent scale buildup, block harmful chemicals and sediment, while reducing dirt and rust from entering your home.


These systems use pressure to force water molecules through a membrane, separating various substances from the water. They are the only economical system capable of solving brackish water problems common in coastal areas.

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