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What is considered good water to drink?

This is our opinion and not anyone else. We believe the best water to drink is any water that has been purified to remove any contaminants and keeps a positive pH. Good drinking water can also have supplemented minerals in it that you don’t usually get in an ordinary diet.

Does purifying water take out minerals that are actually good for you?

The easy answer is no. Much of the minerals in unpurified water are not good for your body and most of the time your body has a hard time digesting these foreign particles. As humans, we get most of our minerals from the food we consume and not from the water we drink.

I am nervous to get a reverse osmosis system because I’ve been told water gets wasted when you  use the system, is it true?

Every water producing machine wastes water, however, our reverse osmosis system actually saves you gallons of water a year, so you’re not only going to be consuming better water for you, but you’ll also be helping the environment.

What happens if I have an allergic reaction to my water softener?

It’s highly unlikely that you’ll have an allergic reaction from using our water softener. Even if you have an aversion to the ocean, there’s still a lot less salt concentrated in water softeners compared to the ocean. Now, sometimes you may have an itchy reaction to your skin as the water softener increases your skin’s dermal absorption for chemicals like chlorine, which can be found in water here in California. If you are having a serious reaction, please call us right away and we will find a solution that will make you the most comfortable.

Does the water softener make any noise?

Only when the system is doing a regeneration, but not too often and it’s usually not disruptive.

Where do you hook up the water softener?

Either in your garage or somewhere outside your house.

Can I taste the salt in the water?

The water doesn’t tasty salty, however, it is not meant for you to drink.

Will my health be affected if I drink the water?

No, the water shouldn’t affect your health if you drink it by accident, unless you have high cholesterol and you are on a low sodium diet.

After I get out of the shower, my skin feels slimy and like I can’t get the soap off, why is that?

When you have washed your body with hard water your whole life, you’re used to a feeling of chemicals from your soap seeping into your skin, as hard water opens your pours for your soap to get in. This makes it hard for your natural oils in your body to produce normally. When you use soft water, your skin can breath and your natural oils start to produce again. If you have ever seen how oil sits on top of water, that’s basically what’s occurring. You are cleaning out your pours of soap scum so your beautiful, natural skin can shine.

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